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Southern African organs
It is with no small amount of pleasure that I am, after a very large (and protracted) amount of work, able to release the latest version of SAOrgans. The bulk of the changes consist of the matters pertaining to the migration from HTML to ASP. Of course this has allowed me to really unleash the power of "live" data and providing the SAPOR online for the first time. Of this one part I am particularly pleased.

A complete list of Sources and References and so on can be found on the References page.

Any suggestions, additional information, constructive critisism, corrections and so forth are gladly received and may be sent to me from the Contact us page.

The scope of the site has demanded that I implement a consistent method in my approach to Terminology and Abbreviations, etc. The complete document can be found on the Terminology page or under the Admin and Technical menu.

As sections of the work currently under construction come online, I'll activate their various menu items.
  Last updated on 22nd December 2014  
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