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A briefly stated history of South Africa and how I have categorised things will help in the site's navigation and general layout:
Between Jan van Riebeeck's establisment of the VOIC's re-supply and layover port at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652 and today, the general area known as South Africa evolved from that initial settlemet at the Kaap de Goede Hoop as it was first called (eventually becoming known as the Cape of Good Hope or simply the Cape Colony), through the annexations back and forth between the Dutch and British over the next 150 years, the resultant Great Trek by the Boers that settled much of the interior and gave rise to the four Colonies (and inclusive Boer Republics) that ultimately made up the four provinces of the Union of South Africa that came into existence in 1910.
The Union in turn became the Republic of South Africa on independance from the British Empire in 1961, and ultimately the South Africa of today after the ending of Apartheid and white minority rule in 1994.
The social, religious and, by extension, organ-related history of the country up until only the last few decades or so is closely connected (and influenced by) it's political history, and in particular which rulers it had. As such, it rather conveniently divides into three overall periods, being:
Early Period (1652-1806)
Middle Period (1806-1900)
Late Period (1900-Present)
Each of these periods is discussed in more detail under their respective pages.
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